2012 Spring Book Challenge

5 pts
Read a book with an animal on the cover
Read a book with 15,000+ ratings (not reviews) on GR
Read a book from the Nestie-created books you should read list (Nestie Must-Reads)

Read a book set in a place you've been
Read a book GR suggests for you

10 pts
Read a book from the 1001 books you must read list
Read an Alex Award winner
Read an old NBC monthly pick (Past Book Club Selections

Read a new-to-you book that most people read in high school
Read a book with an LGBT main character or author

15 pts
Read the April, May, or June NBC pick and participate in the discussion (Current Book Club Selections)
Read an Edgar Award winner or nominee
Read a 700+ page book
Read a non-fiction history book
Read a book that fits at least two of the other categories

25 pts

fabk: Read a book that was nominated for the 2011 Goodreads Choice Awards. It can be from any category, winner or nominee.

anelms: Use whichbook to choose a book.  You choose four of the categories on the right, click to open them and adjust the slider to your preference.

Slytherpuff: Read a book about which you keep saying "I'll read that later."

DuskwoodEmpire: Read something first published in 2012.

tevagirl: Since April is Autism Awareness Month and I work in Special Ed, my task is to read a book about someone with a special need. It could be either fiction or non-fiction.