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Top Book and Publishing Issues of 2010

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In No Particular Order:


1.  E-readers, particularly Kindle vs. Nook

     LA Times Article on the rise of e-readers     

     Epoch Times Article on e-readers       

     E-reader comparison     

     E-reader reviews     

     E-reader reviews (Huffington Post)     


2.  Quality and Quantity of Young Adult Books/Rise in adult readers of YA

     LA Times Article on the Rise of YA      

     Marketing of YA Books for Adults

     Popularity of YA fiction for adults

     What is New Adult Literature?     

     The Experiences of Adult Readers of Young Adult Fiction 

     NY Times Article "The Kids Books Are Alright"     

     The History of YA Lit for Adults


3. Censorship

     Amazon fights charges of censoring books - and of NOT censoring books

     Amazon Deletes Books from Kindles

     Amazon Censorship Policy Incoherent

     Guide for Pedophiles on Amazon Causes Outrage

     Amazon Removes Pedophile's Book

     Author of Pedophile Guide Arrested

     Amazon and Wikileaks

     SpeakLoudly Campaign in response to attempts to censor Speak, 20 Boy Summer, and Slaughterhouse      


     SpeakLoudly Website

     Wesley Scroggins calls for ban of Speak

     Penguin Runs a Full Page Ad in NY Times In Defense of Speak

     Laurie Halse Anderson replies on her blog

     Ellen Hopkins uninvited from Teen Lit Fest in Humble, TX

     Hopkins' blog account of the censorship

     Other Authors Withdraw in Protest


4. Harry Potter Theme Park Opens

     Wizarding World of Harry Potter Opens     

     Official Website


5. Jennifer Weiner and Jodi Picoult vs. Jonathan Franzen and the NY Times

     Picoult and Weiner use Twitter to protest Franzen's review in NY Times

     Accusations of favoritism for white male authors

     Huffington Post interview with Picoult and Weiner


6. Closing of Independant Bookstores

     Growing concern that e-books will put indies out of business

     Independant bookstores attempt to compete

     Google e-books gives indies a chance to compete with big box stores

     Number of independant book stores continues to decline


7. Death of Picture Books

     NY Times heralds the death of picture books

     Many experts disagree


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