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NBC Acronyms

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NBC- Nest Book Club

NBR- Not Book Related

BR - Book Related

SBR - Sort of Book Related

TBR - To Be Read

WIAR - What I Am Reading

WIJFR - What I Just Finished Reading

WIJFLT - What I Just Finished Listening To

WIALT - What I Am Listening To

ns - No Spoilers

sp - Spoilers

NaNo- National Novel Writing Month

PBS - Paperback Swap

HP - Harry Potter

WBC - Winter Book Challenge

SBC - Spring Book Challenge

SuBC - Summer Book Challenge

FBC - Fall Book Challenge

OSN - Operation: Skinny Nerd

PNR - Paranormal Romance


Note: New acronyms pop up occasionally and are usually related to titles that are currently popular on the board.  Some of the consistently used title acronyms are:


HG - Hunger Games

HP - Harry Potter

TGWTDT - The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

DIA - Dragonfly in Amber

TFC - The Fiery Cross

DOA - Drums of Autumn

ABOSAA - A Breath of Snow and Ashes

DT - Dark Tower series

IT - It by Stephen King

SK - Stephen King

SOIAF - Song of Ice and Fire

GOT - Game of Thrones


Link to glossary of common Nest terms.

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