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Stiff **Spoilers**

Page history last edited by Julie 10 years, 8 months ago

A few times in the book, the author mentions that it's preferable in a given industry to test on live animals instead of cadavers.

How do you feel about this?  Why would it be morally preferable to hurt/kill a living creature over harming a corpse?  Why do you think it's more socially acceptable?


Several times in the book the idea of a some tests being more disrespectful than others came up.  The main one I'm thinking of is that it's ok to shoot a cadaver, but not in the face.  Or you can shoot a cadaver but you can't blow it up.  What do you think?  Did any of the experiments strike you as particularly disrespectful?  Did you agree that shooting in the leg vs the face was more respectful?


After reading Stiff, what are you opinions on cadavers being used for surgeons to practice cosmetic proceures? Do you think this book changed your mind?


What did you think of the pictures at the beginning of the chapters?  Did you think they represented the topic well?


How do you think your family would react to this?  How would you react if someone in your family wanted it for themselves?  Do you think people in your area of the country would be accepting of this?


Did you find the dry humor in the book disturbing?  Or did it help you to get through the, well, less appealing parts?

Did you think the author was respectful of the dead, especially considering that she wrote extensively in the first (I believe) chapter about medical schools encouraging respect for the cadavers used in anatomy labs?


During the transplant chapter there was a lot of talk on when exactly the soul leaves the body.  When do you think this happens?  Discuss.


I thought it was a good choice for the author to make the last chapter about her choices for after death.  If she hadn't done that, I would definitely have wondered what she planned to do, especially after actually seeing what happens to cadavers.

What are your plans for your body after you die?  Did reading this book change that?

Do you think it was a cop out for her to say it was her husband's decision?


A variety of topics were covered. What made you go "wow, I never realized they did that", or, "Can I learn more about this"?



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