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Quarterly Challenge FAQ

Page history last edited by GilliC 11 years, 10 months ago

What are the book challenges?

WBC (winter book challenge), SBC (spring book challenge), SuBC (summer book challenge), and FBC (fall book challenge) are quarterly challenges that take place on the Nest Book Club board as a way to challenge ourselves, broaden what we read, and have a good time.  Each quarter, after taking ideas, a volunteer organizer comes up with a list of 5, 10, and 15 point challenges (10 categories for each point value).  Five 25 point categories are then chosen by the top 5 participants from the previous challenge.  Each quarter's challenges are posted on the book bio and on the Challenge Blog


Do I have to sign up?

No.  Each week a check-in will be posted on Monday.  Just post your new total for the week on that thread.  The new scoreboard will be posted with everyone's scores on Tuesday. 


How do I keep track of my score?

Challenge participants all keep track of the books they read for the different categories in order to calculate their scores each week.  Many people choose to use a basic spreadsheet for this, and a sample is provided using the link at the top of the challenge list.


Can I use the same book for more than one category?

No.  Each book can only be counted for one category per challenge.
Even if you re-read the book more than once during the challenge period, it can still be counted for only one category.


Can I complete the same category more than once?

No.  Each category can only be completed once.


What if I miss a check in?

If you miss a post on Monday, post your total for both weeks on the following Monday.


Can I join in the middle?

Yes, you can join at any point during any challenge.  You don't have to wait for the next challenge to start.


Can I use audiobooks?

Yes, unless the challenge requires a certain number of pages or specifically states otherwise. 


Are there any length requirements?

Yes.  All books must be at least 100 pages in length.  Try to limit books that are under 200 pages to the 5 point tasks.


Who chooses the 25 point challenges?

The first five people to finish the previous challenge get to choose 25 point categories for the next challenge.  If fewer than five people complete the challenge, the remaining tasks are chosen by those with the highest scores.  If any of the 25 point challenges are questioned, their legitimacy will be decided by a vote - majority rules.


Can I count a book that I've read before?

Yes, unless otherwise stated.  However, you must re-read the book during the challenge period. 

Each quarterly challenge is a fresh start, so books that you read for previous challenges can be re-read and counted for new categories in the current challenge.


What if I already started a book before the first day of the challenge?

If a book is less than 50% complete before the challenge starts, it is eligible for inclusion in the challenge.


How close do I have to stick to the specific tasks?

Small adjustments can be made, but stick as close as you can to the specific task.  If you have a question about whether or not a book applies, ask on the board and, as usual, majority rules.


Can I change my mind about what category I want to count a book towards?

Yes, just remember to change your total accordingly at the next check in.


What are the books listed below the challenge tasks?

These are just suggestions made by various members of the board.  Feel free to choose your own books or to post on the board for more ideas.


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