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2009 Spring Challenge

Page history last edited by Julie 10 years, 8 months ago

5 Points 

Motherhood or mother in title

Released in April, May, or June

Two favorite childhood chapter books

One word title

Flower or plant in title

Spring word in title

Old, new, borrowed, blue, or wedding in title

Close your eyes and point to a book on your TBR shelf

Baseball theme

Name of character or person in title


10 Points

Listen to an audiobook

Read a selection of short stories or poetry

Read a book that takes place in your city or state

Hispanic author

GLBT author or character


Main character is a child

Let your SO choose a book for you

True crime

Read a book about a war or soldier


15 Points  

Read April, May, or June's club book and participate in discussion

Read a book required in high school that you didn't appreciate or a book most people read in high school that you didn't

Read a book from the 1001 List

Read a book with a movie adaptation released in 2009

Title format: The __________'s _____________

Pulitzer Prize winner

Character has the same name as you or your SO

Released the year you were born

Read a book selected by a nestie for you


25 Points

Read a book by Stephen King

Read a fiction and non-fiction of the same period/topic

Read a book that relates to a song and write a haiku about it

Read a book and cook a meal

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