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Book Club Selection Process

Page history last edited by Julie 8 years, 12 months ago

1) Every three months whoever is in charge (me right now) starts a post for suggestions.  Everyone is free to post and "second" as many suggestions as they like.  I tally up all of the suggestions and seconds and chose ten books as possibilities.  I base those ten on which suggestions are the most popular and which will likely generate good discussion.  I also try to choose books from a variety of genres and styles.  I don't include any suggestions that have been read before and I typically don't include suggestions that have less than two votes in the suggestions post.  I also don't include suggestions from any threads, since I don't read every thread.


2) I start a second post where I list the most popular/best discussion books with links to their Goodreads pages.  Everyone is able to list their top three choices from those ten books.  I don't do a clicky poll because we don't want "drive by" votes.  I also ask that only people who plan to actually read and discuss vote, so we don't wind up with a selection that people who don't plan to read chose.  Then I tally the votes and the three most popular books are selected.  I try to space them out so that the most recent releases are at the end of the time period and that the genres are varied (not two YA or non-fiction in a row, for example). 






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